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Our Swiss Pakistan Hospital

Until now there was no functioning hospital for the almost 13 million inhabitants of the Pakistani city of Gujranwala.

History Swiss Pakistan Hospital

It all starts with Pakistani Sikander Butt, living in Switzerland for 20 years. fter hard blows of fate, he made it his life goal to build and operate a hospital by Western standards in his hometown of Gujranwala.

He gathered dedicated people around him and founded the SPH. A very motivated team in Gujranwala continues the development of the Swiss Pakistan Hospital.

Executive Board

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Sikander Butt

Founder and main shareholder of Swiss Pakistan Hospital. Sikander Butt has lived in Switzerland for 25 years and regularly travels to Pakistan where he is responsible for the operational management of Swiss Pakistan Hospital.

CEO Swiss Pakistan Hospital
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Ishrat Butt

Ishrat Butt is the wife of Sikander Butt.

Wife & General SPH Support
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Thomas Pirron

Thomas Pirron is the financial revisor and accounting supervisor.

Revisor Accounting
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Selim Tolga

Selim Tolga is a long time friend and consultant of Sikander Butt.

Personal Consultant